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Best Ways To Improve Fuel Economy

If your main focus while driving is how fast that fuel gauge is moving, these ideas will be a perfect fit for you. You may be familiar with some of these but the cocktail of practicing all of them together will give you real results. They can be used for any type of car you […]

Ford Manages Parts Shortages as COVID affects Mexico Factories

Ford Motor Company faces possible parts shortages from suppliers in Mexico as the coronavirus suppresses production and threatens the US manufacturing facilities’ ability to continue production. The Governor of the state of Chihuahua, Mexico, which is an integral region in U.S. automotive industry supplies, has prevented employers from operating at more than 50% capacity to […]

Will ECU Chip Tuning Void My Vehicle’s Warranty?

Chip tuning is still fairly misunderstood and confusing for most car owners. Chip tuning is just altering the engine’s fuel and ignition maps and changing the timing of variable valve timing, rev limits, and speed limiters. The simplicity of the installations and upkeep of the devices make tuning chips the easiest way to improve the […]