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Electronic Throttle Control - Launch Pad - Car Mods

Owning a luxury car isn’t only a privilege for the wealthy. There are plenty of inexpensive ways you can modify your car without breaking the bank. From taking your exterior to a bold look with a car wrap to increasing your vehicle’s acceleration with electronic throttle control, this quick guide will provide you with some easy ideas that you can get started with for just a few hundred bucks. Let’s dive right in.

Definition of Vehicle Mods

Mods (or modifications) is a term used to refer to any type of modification you make to your car to enhance performance or appearance. These types of accessories are usually not included in the vehicle manufacturer’s packages. This means that mods are creative ways you can really make your car unique.

Mods are often DIY projects that you can complete pretty inexpensively. Of course, there are also mods that are not cheap, but for the purposes of this article, we are going to focus on mods that are inexpensive.

Examples of mods could include performance devices such as an electronic throttle control or performance chip, as well as specialty tires, paint jobs, car wraps, and more.

Exterior Vehicle Mods

Let’s start with exterior mods that can really take your vehicle from boring to amazing. Exterior modifications are some of the best ways to really let your personality shine through your vehicle.


A customized grille is an awesome way to make an average vehicle look above average. Custom grilles are often used on trucks and SUVs. If you are looking for a mod to make your vehicle look rugged, you might consider using a heavy mesh in black. If you want a more luxurious look, you could consider chrome mesh. Customized grilles are very inexpensive. You can replace your entire grille for about $100 or less.

Ditch Front License Plates

If you are thinking about a custom grille, you should also consider ditching the front license plate. This mod is completely free, and yet it can really change the look of the front of your vehicle. It is important to note, though, that some states require a front license plate. Be sure to check the rules where you live before removing them.

Vanity Plates

If you are going to keep the plate, then why not jazz it up with vanity plates? This is an easy and totally legal way to show personality and change your car’s aesthetic. Custom plate prices vary, but generally, you can look to spend $20-$50 on this modification.

Car Wraps

If you are ready to make a bold modification and are willing to pay a little more, car wraps might be an option. A vinyl wrap allows you to change your car’s color or add cool graphics without a permanent paint job. Wraps can be easily peeled away when you change your mind. This is great for car owners who like to keep things fresh and exciting with lots of changes. Although wraps can run up to $2500, it is still far less expensive than a custom paint job.

Interior Vehicle Mods

If you are not ready to do bold exterior mods, you may want to consider some easy interior modifications first.


You can add color to the interior of your car by applying vinyl to the dashboard. Vinyl wraps can come in a variety of colors and graphics. This is one of the best, cheap, DIY interior mods. Dashboard wraps can be purchased as a DIY kit for as little as $10. The best part is that the wrap can peel off when you want to change it out or go back to your regular dashboard. If you want a dashboard or interior wrap done professionally, you might spend $100 or more.

LED Lighting

LED lighting is not just for your bedroom. You can also use these colorful lighting options in your car as well. Accent lighting can be added under the dashboard, along footwells, or in other areas of the car. LED lighting kits for your car start at $40.

Seat Covers

Seat covers have long been a go-to easy interior mod. You can change up colors and designs with seat covers. The bonus is that seat covers also help to protect the upholstery of your vehicle, as well.

Best Vehicle Mods

If you want to take your vehicle’s performance to another level, then consider upgrading it with the best vehicle mods available on the market today – the electronic throttle control and performance chip. Both devices are easy to install, improve the driving experience, and increase MPG for under $200 each!