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Electronic Throttle Control - Launch Pad - Fuel Economy 2

If your main focus while driving is how fast that fuel gauge is moving, these ideas will be a perfect fit for you. You may be familiar with some of these but the cocktail of practicing all of them together will give you real results. They can be used for any type of car you are driving, be it a 4WD truck or a corvette.

Drive Sensibly to Improve Fuel Economy

In today’s fast-paced world, it is easy to get into the habit of forceful driving. This includes behaviors like; speeding, extreme acceleration, and last-second braking, which all contribute to wasted fuel.

The best practice is to drive sensibly. Imagine you’re taking your grandma to church. That’s how you should be driving all the time to save the most fuel.

Electronic Throttle Control - Launch Pad - Fuel Economy

Follow the Speed Limit

I’m sure it seems obvious, and maybe you already do this but, DON’T SPEED! But if you do, remember that your vehicle is pushing more wind and therefore burns more fuel as speed increases. At over 50 mph, the aerodynamic drag goes up, and as basic material science tells us, wind resistance keeps increasing exponentially with speed. The EPA estimated that each 5 mph over 50 mph costs the vehicle owner an extra $0.20 per gallon of gas.

Only Drive with a Roof Rack When it’s in Use

Roof racks are great for stowing away your larger items that won’t fit inside your vehicle when you’re making a trip. But, a mistake that many people make is leaving the roof rack on even when it’s not being used. This is because it skews the aerodynamic profile of your vehicle. The EPA figured that a large squared-off rooftop box can cut mileage by 2-8% at lower speeds and 6-17% at higher speeds. While they do make aerodynamic cargo boxes and back-mounted racks that sit on a tow hitch, these can still lower mileage by 1-2% at lower speeds and 1-5% at higher speeds.

Get Rid of the Dead Weight

That suitcase that’s been sitting in your back seat since your vacation or the cooler that you never took out of your trunk are weighing down your vehicle. Your back seat and truck should not become alternative storage areas. Of course, there are some heavy things that are inevitably going to be stored in our vehicles, such as kitty litter in the winter or a spare tire. But, you should try to keep these heavy items to a minimum and remove them when you can. The smaller your vehicle, the less weight it can handle.

Don’t Leave Your Car Running

There is an old myth that “it takes more fuel to start your car than it does to leave it running for a couple of minutes”. This is false. The EPA estimates it takes 10 seconds of fuel to restart your engine. The best thing you can do is to never leave your car idling if you can help it. This means turning your engine off during those long stoplights on your morning commute or in the drive-thru when you’re waiting for your food.

Take Advantage of Your Cruise Control

This one should need little clarification. Cruise control keeps the vehicle’s speed more easily than you can. Obviously, cruise control is great for long interstate trips but consider using it when there is a long stretch of empty road in front of you as well.

Electronic Throttle Control - Launch Pad - Fuel EconomyMake Sure Your Tires Are Inflated Correctly

Buy a tire pressure gauge and check your tire pressure regularly. Temperature changes throughout the year can cause fluctuation in tire pressure since cold air is denser and less extended than hot air. Each tire has a unique manufacturer suggested weight, make sure you’re filling them to that weight for the best performance.

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Electronic Throttle Control - Launch Pad - Ford shortages

Ford Motor Company faces possible parts shortages from suppliers in Mexico as the coronavirus suppresses production and threatens the US manufacturing facilities’ ability to continue production.

The Governor of the state of Chihuahua, Mexico, which is an integral region in U.S. automotive industry supplies, has prevented employers from operating at more than 50% capacity to attempt to control the spread of COVID-19.

“Due to COVID-19, the state of Chihuahua in Mexico has limited employee attendance to 50%, a region in which we have several suppliers. With our U.S plants running at 100%, that is not sustainable. While we do not expect any impact to production next week, we are continuing to work with government officials on ways to safely and constructively resume remaining production,” Kumar Galhotra, president of Ford’s Americas and International Markets Group, said in a statement on July 7th, 2020.

Aside from suppliers, Ford runs an engine factory in Chihuahua, in which 24,000 workers are tasked with making engines for it’s larger F-series trucks and the Escape crossover utility vehicle.

The U.S. ambassador to Mexico, Christopher Landau, told the Atlantic Council webinar on Thursday that Ford was struggling to deal with capacity restrictions at the engine factory.“Last night at the dinner I was Electronic Throttle Control - Launch Pad - COVIDtalking to one of the senior executives from the Ford Motor Company. They were saying they are going to have to start shutting down their factories in the United States as of next week if they don’t get that rolling,” Christopher said, referring to the dinner at the White House during Mexican President López Obrador’s visit to Washington.

President of the National Autoparts Industry, Óscar Albín, said that he had not heard specifically about Ford’s problem, but that in Chihuahua, “many car parts are not being produced to the needs of the car factories in the U.S. and Mexico. In June, production was sufficient because the car factories were not working at 100%, but in July the factories are at 100%.

When asked if there could be shortages, Albín replied, “it’s not that there could be, there are. And not just Ford, all the factories in the U.S.
Chihuahua President of Index, who represents manufacturing-for-export industries, Luis Carlos Ramirez, said Ford began implementing 30% capacity at the beginning of June after the automotive industry was deemed essential.

At the beginning of June, under Mexico’s stoplight system, which mandates the eventual reopening of the economy depending on the spread of the virus, Chihuahua was on red. But, a few weeks ago it was lowered to orange and employer capacities were increased to 50%.

Ramirez hopes to soon change to yellow, which would allow businesses to go up to 80% capacity. Kristin Dziczek, VP of industry, labor, and economics at the Center for Automotive Research in Michigan, says that the only surprise in a carmaker experiencing supply chain problems in Mexico due to the pandemic was that it hadn’t happened sooner. She went on to say that trouble at the Chihuahua engine factory would be particularly painful because while all vehicle sales are down, Ford’s U.S. sales dropped by 33% in the second quarter.

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Electronic Throttle Control - Launch Pad - Tuning Mission

Chip tuning is still fairly misunderstood and confusing for most car owners. Chip tuning is just altering the engine’s fuel and ignition maps and changing the timing of variable valve timing, rev limits, and speed limiters. The simplicity of the installations and upkeep of the devices make tuning chips the easiest way to improve the performance of your vehicle.Electronic Throttle Control - Launch Pad - GMC Launch Pad

The need for these chips is because of the conservative nature of the factory tunes. Fuel and oxygen ratios are usually on the richer side, while ignition timing is usually slowed to assist in reducing the chances of detonation. Also, the redline and fuel cut of the engine are generally set at a level that the factory has decided is a reasonable compromise between performance and reliability.

The manufacturer’s point of view is that these adjustments that are being made by the ECU tuning chips could compromise the safety and reliability of the vehicle. But, we know that this simply isn’t true. Our chips do not put safety or reliability on the back burner. While the factories often disagree, this does not mean that it will void your warranty. Also, our chips can easily be installed and uninstalled repeatedly with no effect on your vehicle or the chip.

We recommend removing the chip before a vehicle inspection so as to not have to deal with the possible voiding of the vehicle warranty due to the manufacturer’s misunderstanding of our products.

Make sure you install the easy plug-in and drive Launch Pad – electronic throttle control – for an entirely new driving experience!

Electronic Throttle Control - Launch Pad - Throttle Controller

Advancements in the electronics field affect just about every part of our lives. From our phones to our TVs, it can feel like we’re always unsure if we should upgrade now, or wait for the next thing (and then, we still wonder if we should wait for the next next thing). Even our cars aren’t exempt from this kind of upgrade cycle. Luckily, you don’t always have to upgrade your car to take advantage of the latest features for things like throttle control.

Electronic Throttle Control - Launch Pad - Throttle ControlFrom Throttle Control to Better Miles Per Gallon

Digitizing throttle control is one of the easiest ways to experience the benefits of an upgraded vehicle without the hassle. No tools are needed to install–actually, it only takes about a minute–and the performance tuner loads motor-specific fuel maps to improve performance as a whole.

Increase horsepower

This is one of the most common reasons people modify their vehicles, whether with digital throttle control or a chip. Increasing horsepower unleashes a chain of effects, but they all add up to one thing: a higher-performing engine. Faster acceleration, a more efficient engine, and top end speed are all attainable.

Better fuel economy

An investment in tuning can actually pay off in more efficient fuel consumption. Using a performance chip for saving fuel can save literally thousands of dollars over a few years.

Higher torque

Hauling or pulling heavy things requires higher torque output, as does acceleration. Not to mention that, if we think of the vehicle as a system, more torque allows everything else to function more efficiently.

Quicker throttle response

Throttle control equals less motor strain as well as less fuel and more. They can make your vehicle more responsive to your cues, and provide you with performance enhancements without buying a new vehicle.

Our team can help you select the right chip for your vehicle and your needs. Or use our vehicle finder tool to view recommended options.

Plug It In and Go

The treadmill of electronic updates shows no signs of slowing down. Upgraded throttle control, better gas mileage, and more power shouldn’t require a new vehicle–and it doesn’t.

When you’re ready to enhance your vehicle performance, find your vehicle.

Make sure you install the easy plug-in and drive Launch Pad – electronic throttle control – for an entirely new driving experience!