Will ECU Chip Tuning Void My Vehicle’s Warranty?

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Chip tuning is still fairly misunderstood and confusing for most car owners. Chip tuning is just altering the engine’s fuel and ignition maps and changing the timing of variable valve timing, rev limits, and speed limiters. The simplicity of the installations and upkeep of the devices make tuning chips the easiest way to improve the performance of your vehicle.Electronic Throttle Control - Launch Pad - GMC Launch Pad

The need for these chips is because of the conservative nature of the factory tunes. Fuel and oxygen ratios are usually on the richer side, while ignition timing is usually slowed to assist in reducing the chances of detonation. Also, the redline and fuel cut of the engine are generally set at a level that the factory has decided is a reasonable compromise between performance and reliability.

The manufacturer’s point of view is that these adjustments that are being made by the ECU tuning chips could compromise the safety and reliability of the vehicle. But, we know that this simply isn’t true. Our chips do not put safety or reliability on the back burner. While the factories often disagree, this does not mean that it will void your warranty. Also, our chips can easily be installed and uninstalled repeatedly with no effect on your vehicle or the chip.

We recommend removing the chip before a vehicle inspection so as to not have to deal with the possible voiding of the vehicle warranty due to the manufacturer’s misunderstanding of our products.

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  1. Mia Evans
    Mia Evans says:

    Thanks for pointing out that ECU tuning chips will not void the warranty since they can easily be installed and uninstalled. I guess I will get this done to my car now that I need help for keeping watch on my fuel and other aspects of the car. It’s because I am not really that knowledgeable about cars, so I need something I can rely on to be safe while I drive on my own this year.

  2. Gunther
    Gunther says:

    I was told by dealership that they can tell if a chip or a tune was installed and removed. That it leaves a permanent code.

    • MacKenzie Anderson
      MacKenzie Anderson says:

      Hi Gunther! The chip contains the program, and once it’s removed, the program is removed. The chip doesn’t leave any type of trace or footprint once removed. Let us know if you have any additional concerns.


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